just to reinforce how truly passionate he is about this subject :)

SCENES FROM JAMES’ MOVIE DEDICATED TO EATING PUSSY ARE BEING POSTED ON EVILANGEL.COM!!! If you’d like to support James in this statement he’s making about the importance of focusing on female oral then consider joining for a month and RATE THESE SCENES HIGH!!!

watch a clip from the first scene here

join evilangel here

In case anyone didn’t know, there’s an article about James in this month’s FHM! I haven’t read it yet but I’m hoping to get a copy soon.

Here’s a pic

hellloooooo everyone!!! I feel so bad for basically abandoning this tumblr lol, so sorry about that. I had loooots of computer issues so basically anything I couldn’t do on my phone, I couldn’t do. But that’s all figured out now, yay :)

thanks for sticking with me, hope to be back to normal posting soon.

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So the trailer for that movie James made dedicated to eating ladies is out, check it out here

As I was watching the trailer I realized how important this movie really is. There are so few (if any? I’ve honestly never heard of another one, could be wrong) adult movies based solely on the female orgasm, and I’d definitely say this is the only porn movie that does not involve a man’s penis at all. In the trailer, James states this movie is about orgasms. It’s about the female orgasm, end of story.

Now this is a gutsy move for James as a director. Other directors have talked about how ther are ‘studies’ that show that porn viewers actually fastforward through the cunnilingus portions of porn movies. Which, how could they know that? Not sure, but a lot of directors use that as an excuse as to why there is not much male-to-female oral shown in porn. Apaprently men don’t want to watch that, and porn is marketed towards men.

What James is doing with that movie is he’s saying FUCK THAT. Women having orgasms is hot, it’s sexy, and it deserves a whole movie dedicated to it.

So what we need to do is BUY THIS MOVIE!!! Even if you’ve never bought an adult movie before, but this one. Show the adult industry that women are legitimate consumers who will pay to see porn that places value on our sexuality and celebrates women as sexual beings. The only way we can show our appreciation for porn that highlights the female orgasm is to put our money where our mouths are.

The movie doesn’t actually come out until April 21, and I’ll make sure to post a link here when it’s available for Pre-Order. So y’all have time to save up about $20-30, which is how much most DVD’s from Evil Angel are.

You can also tweet your excitement for the movie to @evilangelvideo