Anonymous asked: Do you have to pay to watch James?

….can you be more specific?

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Anonymous asked: i've been really confused for a while now. what is exactly happening between james and stoya?

They’re dating

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boxcovers of James Deen’s upcoming BDSM toy line…i CAN’T!!! Especially the top 4…Jesus take the wheel….

Anonymous asked: Sorry if you've answered this one before, but I am a new convert ;) There is a gif of James kissing a brunette in a French maid outfit, so hot, any idea which video it's from?? I can try to find the gif and link, if you're not familiar. I need this video in my life- holy God, to be kissed like that......

hello!! Congrats on discovering james, beware your life will be ruined by him ;)

that scene is from ‘Maid to order’ and her name is Belle Noire. It’s a great scene!

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Anonymous asked: what do you think of bruce venture? people compare him to james a lot

that guy is extremely arrogant which is a huge turn-off to me. And people should stop comparing james to others, there is simply no comparison ;)

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Anonymous asked: hey just wanted to tell you i really admire you and the way you go about being a fan of James, if that makes sense. I mean you're supportive and promote his scenes and everything, but you don't act like you're entitled to get answers from him on twitter, or a follow, or anything else. So many people feel like they are owed something for being a fan and it's cool to see that you do what you do cause you love james and for us other fans ;) thanks for everything!

wow that’s such an amazing thing to say! Thank you! Although, I do wanna say that I don’t think it’s necessarily wrong for fans to ask for a follow, or for a reply on twitter, etc…it’s the way they handle it if they don’t get what they want that is more concerning to me. It’s true that I don’t do that stuff but it’s just a personality thing, I just don’t feel comfortable with it. Other personalities might not have a problem with it and that’s fine. But I do agree that it’s not ok to feel entitled as a fan, and I definitely don’t feel ‘owed’ anything! If I didn’t like making gifs and keeping up with james’ scenes etc, I simply wouldn’t do it! I enjoy this blog and I don’t feel like I’m doing anything special cause this is just something I enjoy. But I’m sooo glad to know that you enjoy it, I really appreciate your message!

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